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Screenshot Results

We’re at the stage with frinzee where we could really use some expert guidance from tech and business veterans. We have an ambitious vision for frinzee — to be the world’s opinions and predictions marketplace — and we’ve taken some steps towards that direction in terms of our technology and product development. Now, we need advisors who can help us steer frinzee in the following areas: UX Design, Marketing, Finance / Raising Funds, and Business Development.

Imagine a world where there’s one default Online destination and app when people want to share or discover people’s opinions or predictions in real-time? And imagine what we could learn when we can aggregate opinions data and match that with social data. We can empower people with information to help them make better decisions or just to keep them better informed of social sentiments. We can also help companies to be even more responsive to their customer’s changing needs.

If you’d like to join our team of advisors, or would like to recommend someone, let’s talk. We will consider anyone with the right experience. Please feel free to contact me at franz(@)frinzee(dot)com.



The Frinzee Story

Chapter 1

Our Technical Founder Coughed Up Blood


We were at the tail end of a front end redesign that turned into a very long and nightmarish rebuild. Then, just to test our resolve, we got a very poignant demonstration of Murphy’s Law. Our technical founder came down with an unknown disease. Without warning, Lee — our Technical Founder and Lead Developer — coughed up a significant amount of blood and was rushed to the ER. From a hospital in NYC, he emailed the team.

The doctor’s ran a battery of tests but couldn’t find the cause for his massive hemoptysis and blood loss. Chest surgery was being considered. We held our breath, hoping he wouldn’t die.

Thankfully, during the days he was under observation, he didn’t throw up more blood.  Surgery to remove parts of his lung or to embolize one of the 2 arteries leading into his lungs was, therefore, no longer needed. Unfortunately, even House-esque doctors in NYC, who could diagnose rare diseases stemming from exposure to 911 debris, couldn’t pinpoint the exact cause or trigger of Lee’s condition. He was sent home after a few days. He tried to remain optimistic.

 I’m down about 2 pints of blood that filled up my lungs and that I spit out, so I’m still recovering.  I have around 20 holes in my arms from IVs and blood tests, a severe rash due to an allergic reaction to moxifloxacin, and a sore throat and chest from a bronchoscopy.  At least I didn’t have any invasive surgeries performed on me.

After everything he went through, Lee understandably feared for his life. We all did. Frighteningly, all the doctors could tell him was that he could have another episode at any time which, if severe enough, could kill him. Without knowing what the cause was, anything and everything could be a trigger.

He needed to rest. We kept things off his plate until he was ready to get back to work. That was all we could do for him. And, about 2 weeks after the incident, he told the team that he needed to find a “real” job. A job with health insurance to help pay for more tests and, if it happens, again, hospitalization and maybe surgery. As a bootstrapped startup — barely able to provide him with a livable stipend — we knew he had to go.

Lee is a brilliant programmer, so finding a job didn’t take long at all. To his credit, he still finished his assigned tasks to complete the last phase of the redesign AND he even finished the Frinzee Widget (not live), our first major post-redesign development milestone for which he still hasn’t gotten paid. (Sorry about that Lee.)

Lee remains a co-founder of And he’ll always be a part of our team. We’re hoping one day to be able to have the funding to bring him back on board. But, for now, he acts as a technical advisor for frinzee. And we’re still hoping he’ll never cough up blood, again.

Our vision remains the same: Build the world’s central destination and application for discovering and sharing opinions. We’ve got a lot of neat things in our product plan and development pipeline. But to realize them, we need funding and a lead developer who shares our vision, passion and who fits our team dynamic.

In the next chapter of The Frinzee Story, I plan to talk about our product, funding issue, and other subjects.

Please feel free to share this and to comment.

james 10k points

After a few months, we’ve noticed that some users have amassed huge frinzee points balances in their accounts. We didn’t anticipate this. In fact, we decided to increase the starting balance for each user from 10 to 100 frinzee points to encourage them to participate in more Featured Polls,  which can help them to win more points quickly.  We thought that it would be fairly challenging for users to build up points, since points that are put on the line are automatically deducted when a player declares a level of confidence that his or prediction is correct or that his or her opinion would get the most votes.


If your prediction is correct or your choice gets the most votes, you will earn the number of points you declared as your Level of Confidence.

Points to be won aren’t exponential; they’re double the points declared as a user’s level of confidence. That is, for any featured poll, the maximum  a user can win by declaring a level of confidence of 100 is 100 additional points (total frinzee points balance= 200 points). However, that original 100 points placed on the line is automatically deducted, bringing the user’s balance to 0 until more points are earned.

Points are earned through participation in other polls. Declaring a level of confidence is optional, so a user can earn points by joining in as many polls as interests them. Participating in a featured poll doesn’t cost a user any points. And making the right call for any featured poll earns a user 1 point. Therefore, joining 10 featured polls for free and then earning 5 points for getting half of them right is not a bad way to start building up your points.

And this was our thinking when we set the redemption values for the Rewards. We didn’t want to make it too easy. But we also didn’t want to make it too difficult. So, 1000 frinzee points seemed like a good number. We may have to rethink this or get bigger prizes for more frinzee points.

What’s interesting is that we’re seeing that some users have a high success rate when it comes to predicting. This is reflected in their accuracy rating. James, for example, has a 77.78% Accuracy rating. That’s pretty darn good. And he’s used his points well. He’s on track to passing the 10,000 points mark at the conclusion of some pending featured polls — if he made the right calls.

That means, James can get 10 of the following:


or James, out of the kindness of his heart, could donate it all…


Frinzee added 2 advisors to its Advisory Team:

Victoria  M. Gill

2013 BA degree from New York University in Global Studies Program with  Concentration: Arts & Literature.  Senior Thesis: online Concentration of Identity: Case Studies of Woman’s Digital Self-Portraits

Lillian D. Gill

Currently attends Stanford University. 2013-2014 Active Member of Stanford Mock Trial Team

Victoria and Lillian have contributed their relative expertise to the project over the past months. The frinzee team, therefore, made it official by appointing them to the Advisory Team.

The search for more advisors continues… title featuring new color wants to make polls more sexy and participating in them more furn. We’ve been working really hard on our app, and we think people are going to love sharing, discovering, and discussing opinions on trending topics, popular sports events, and the hottest issues on  Right now, we’re working on a total redesign of our app based on user feedback. The newly redesigned will also include new features. We’re almost done. So, please stay tuned for the new

Amanda Lepore holds the dubious distinction of probably being the world’s most famous transsexual. To get to where she is right now, Lepore had to go through a whole slew of cosmetic surgery procedures, forever altering her appearance to the live-action caricature it is now. But it seems to work for her, keeping her both happy and busy.

The same can be said about the world’s most famous social network, Facebook. No, not the bit about being transsexual, but Facebook has undergone yet another change to its look-and-feel, and just after users had just started getting used to the “old” look-and-feel. Exactly. Like a transsexual-in-the-making, minus the hyper-inflated lips.

The changes are most likely driven by the social networking giant’s initiatives to push for its paid services and features, and has received mixed reactions from its fans and detractors.

Well, what do you think about Facebook’s new look? Make it official, and cast your vote on Frinzee.

If you’re not a member of Frinzee yet, register now and be a part of the hottest new contest and opinion site on the planet!

Few music artists can claim to be relevant after basking in the limelight for more than three decades. Madonna is one such rare and gifted performer who has managed to reinvent herself according to the call of the times.

Madonna started her career as a dancer touring in the late 70s with French disco star Patrick Hernandez. She then formed a rock band called The Breakfast Club, then moved on to form a group called Emmy. In 1982 her debut single, “Everybody,” became a dance hit, propelling her forward to become one of the defining artists of the 80s. Her fashion style influenced the look of millions of young girls during that decade.

“Like a Virgin” topped the charts in 1986. Her live performance of the song at the MTV Video Music Awards roused an army of righteous moralists, but at the same time it is considered an iconic moment in MVA’s history.

She has posed nude for Playboy and Penthouse, published a book, has starred in movies opposite the likes of Warren Beatty and Antonio Banderas, harvested numerous awards and accolades and continues to make music to this very day, defying age and critics.

But is Madonna the world’s best female artist? Make your opinion official. Log into Frinzee and choose Madonna or any one of the 55 choices who may deserve this title.

If you’re not yet a member of the best contest and opinion site on the planet, visit and register now.


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